Attention Warrington Personal Trainers:

How do you like the idea of being your own boss but having the advantages of a supportive team around you with your vision and passion for helping people, plus having the potential to earn more than double the fitness industry average

If this sounds like you then watch the videos below and read on

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About You

  • You are ambitious Personal Trainer in Warrington who knows there is more to a career in the fitness industry that getting a job in a commercial gym.
  • You are struggling as other trainers undercut you on price and try to steal your clients from under your nose.
  • You want to feel like a unique individual but you want someone who can help you to achieve amazing things both in your fitness career and in life and can push you do the things that will get you there faster.
  • You want access to constant support, training and a personal mentor who has been on the same journey and can help build your business and fill your diary faster with clients that you love working with.

With Pro Fit You Will get all the above Plus:

  • A fun and supportive working environment in one of our Gyms where we have helped over 7000 personal training clients over the last 14 years.
  • Support and access to free education to develop new career and business skills and earning progression and make sure you stay on track with your own personal development and help you forge your own pathway to success in the fitness industry.
  • We will help keep you personally accountable to your career and earnings goal and make sure you keep moving forward and progressing.
  • With some hard work and your new skills you can one day match our Top Personal Trainers at Pro Fit Warrington and earn £6,000 per month plus.

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PT in mostUK Gyms

  • The average Salary is £15,000. I was told it was £25-£30k
  • Long hours
  • No Support
  • PT’s undercut each other
  • Hefty Rents
  • Necessary evil before going freelance
  • Low Pay
  • Very detrimental to the career of a PT
  • 38% of PT’s earn less than £10k per year.
  • I feel isolated. There's no support and it's every man for himself

Pro-FitTrainer Survey

  • I like the accountability, values, fun, team work.
  • I'm surrounded by people who are like minded & want to help others change their lives to be a better version of themselves
  • Education, support, opportunity.
  • Great values developed by us, the trainers
  • Being your own boss with the advantages of having a huge team around you with the same vision and passion
  • Mentoring and guidance to hold you accountable to your goals and keep you moving forward.
  • In my opinion it's the best PT team in terms of knowledge, services and potential to improve
  • There are no limits with how far you can take your career and there will always be help and support to take you there.
  • Amazing team spirit and top banter

If you are not yet qualified but you like the sound of what we do we can help with your L2 and L3 PT courses too so speak to a member of our team to Meet The Team.

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